Super in Australia

Superannuation has been compulsory for all employees since 1992 at guaranteed minimum levels. It is important for everyone to understand their superannuation situation, wherever they are during their working life.

  1. Compulsory superannuation is called Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions. Over a working life of 40 years, SG contributions will provide you with just over half of your pre-retirement income.
  2. Added to SG contributions, employees can make voluntary contributions to improve their retirement income. Research suggests that we need about 65% of our pre-retirement income to maintain our current standard of living.
  3. It's important to ask, "Will I have enough?" 

5 Key Investment Principles 5 Key Investment Principles

Accessing Super from Age 55Accessing Super from Age 55

Accessing Super from Age 55Super In Australia