Where does ANS operate?

ANS has members in Anglican dioceses across Australia.

Are only Anglicans eligible to be part of the Fund?

No, people of any background, employed in an Anglican organisation, will qualify for membership.

Can ANS members invest in non-ethical strategies?

No, ANS is committed to only supporting ethical investment strategies and is experiencing good returns from those investments.

In general, what are the industries that ANS will not support?

Investment in socially costly and detrimental activities - such as in the manufacture or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, armaments, gambling and pornography – is excluded.  

How can I find out more about my superannuation?

You are welcome to contact ANS on 1300 364 984 to discuss the ANS Plan. For general financial advice, ANS is happy to provide a list of trusted financial advisers that you are welcome to consult.